Tefal X-Trem Power 4A – Ruby Red-Black TW6843EA

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X-Trem Performance, X-Trem Ergonomics?

X-trem Power produces a highly efficient and hassle-free cleaning experience with outstanding results. This robust bagged vacuum cleaner with XL capacity (4.5 L) puts powerful 4A performance at your fingertips, with grade-A ratings in cleaning performance on hard floors, dust re-emission and energy efficiency.

Combining advanced filtration, extreme vacuuming performance and an XL capacity into one outstanding package, X-Trem Power is a robust vacuum cleaner at the top of its class. A new powerful high-efficiency suction head removes ground-in dirt and tackles large spills with best-in-class performance on both carpets and hard floors. Advanced technology produces dual-level filtration and captures 99.99% of vacuumed dust. An XL capacity (4.5 L) provides maximum convenience for large-surface living spaces. A new Hygiene+ bag is the ultimate weapon for perfect filtration and improved hygiene, eliminating the dust cloud from the vacuuming experience.?All this, with exceptional energy ratings.




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