Tefal Steam Cooker Compact 3 Bowls VC130130

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Easy to store with the patented ultracompact storage

  • Comes with an adapted capacity for 2 people. Ultra compact and practical bowls for an easy storage.

Mini Compact, full steam ahead!

Take a close look at Mini Compact, a compact steamer that you will enjoy cooking with. Its bowls can be stored upside down on the base,so it’s convenient and easy to store in any kitchen. No need to monitor, the cooking stops when there is no water left.

Mini outside, but great for cooking!

  • Adaptable capacity to suit your needs: up to 6.5L when using 3 bowls or up to 4.3L with 2 bowls.
  • Aquatimer: a smart function that controls the water level to avoid waste. Each type of ingredient requires a specific amount of water, so you always get it right.




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