Tefal Comfort Touch – Ceramic Santoku Knife 12 K2223614

14 $


Protective case included
For precision cutting and slicing of all types of fruits and vegetables.
Comfort zone for perfect use.
Dishwasher washing not recommended.
Ergonomic handle.
The ceramic blades provide high cutting performance, and are developed for precision.?The cases allow safe storage of knives.?Sharp blade, keep away from children and people with reduced capacity: risk of injury.

Knife for use only on plastic or wooden cutting boards.?To be handled with care.
For domestic use in the kitchen only.
Never sharpen.?The tip of the blade is particularly fragile.?Do not let the knife fall to the ground or hit against a hard object, the blade may break or chip.?Do not tilt the knife when cutting.?Do not use with frozen food or bones.?Do not pry with the blade.




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