Moulinex Double Force Digital FP828H10

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? Very intuitive, no hesitation on the choice of the accessory, its implementation and function to use. Each motor output provides the correct speed and rotational force depending on the accessory used.
? Purple: optimized for the use of the large chopper bowl, works with a reduced speed but powerful rotational force.
In orange: optimized for the use of the blender bowl, works with a fast speed but less rotational force.
? Speed ??or rotational force: why choose? Double Force: the winning duo in the kitchen thanks to its two engine outlets delivering the bowl or accessory used optimal speed and rotational force. Equipped with several programs utomatic and accessories, this powerful, robust and elegant ally is designed to accompany you every day in the realization of all your preparations.

Kitchen appliances Wattage 1200 Watt