LEIFHEIT Standing Rotary Dryer LinoPop Up 82500

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Can be put up with one hand, compact to store. The LinoPop-Up 140 is the perfect solution for the home and when travelling. Simply press down on the centre handle. The four arms open simply and lock into place – and your standing rotary dryer is ready to go! Ideal for the home, a narrow balcony, small terrace or in the bathroom; but also perfect when on your travels, when camping or caravanning. Weighing just 3.6 kg, the LinoPop-Up 140 is wonderfully light and easy to transport. When unfolded, the one-handed rotary dryer with 14 metre line length offers enough space for more than one load – on less than one square metre of floor space.

The lines are tiered from inside to out so that you can easily reach any line. With a height of 95 cm, the outermost line can be used to dry long laundry items such as bath towels or trousers. The stable arms and wide base provide a stable footing even when fully loaded. The lines can be easily and conveniently tightened up by pressing the operating handle.

When the practical standing rotary dryer is no longer needed, it is just as easy to close as it is to open: simply release the catch with one hand, lift the LinoPop-Up at the same time, and the arms will fold up. Once folded, the LinoPop-Up 140 standing rotary dryer is extremely narrow at only 12 cm and can be stored in a caravan or camper van, in small bathrooms or in a storage room to save space. A protective cover makes transport easier and keeps the lines clean.

  • Convenient one-handed operation for quick and easy opening and closing
  • Handy, compact and light: ideal for use at home, also when caravanning and camping.
  • Stowed away to save space, as the standing rotary dryer has a width of only 12 cm when folded up
  • With a weight of only 3.6 kg easy to transport and assemble
  • 14 metre line length provides space for drying more than one load of laundry within the smallest of spaces
  • With robust rotary arms and a wide base for a secure footing.
  • Outermost line is 95 cm high providing length for long items
  • The tiered lines makes hanging up laundry a breeze
  • Includes a protective cover for easy transport and clean lines at all times