LEIFHEIT 41436 Dust PanSet Classic Color Edition

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More thorough sweeping with the Leifheit Classic Hand Sweeping Set. The Leifheit hand sweeper set Classic is now available as a Limited Colour Edition in the popular colours crazy pink, pure blue and shiny green. The hand brush has special bristles with split ends that massively increase the sweeping surface. This means even the finest dust gets collected. The extra-long rubber lip on the robust shovel also guarantees best sweeping results. It moulds itself to any surface so that dust and dirt are easily swept up and nothing gets left. To clean the hand brush, simply brush it against the scraping edge of the dustpan. With hanging loops for space-saving storage.

  • Limited Edition in three colours crazy pink, pure blue and shiny green
  • Split bristle ends for best sweeping results
  • Shovel with extra-long rubber lip for simple sweeping
  • Scraper edge for cleaning bristles
  • With eyelet for hanging