Hoover 8 Kgs Washer HBWM84TAHC

990 $

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Programme options
Prewash, Aquaplus, Hygiene +, Stain level, Night & Day

Specialist programmes
All in one 20?, All hygiene, All in one 59?, Wool, Handwash, Silks and Sports

KG detector
Adjusts the wash programme based on the size of the wash load to save you water

Key Features

  • Fully integrated washing machine
  • 1400 rpm Spin speed
  • 8kg Wash load capacity
  • 17 Wash programmes
  • Fuzzy Logic- optimises washing time, water & energy consumption
  • 14, 30 & 44 Minutes wash programmes
  • Variable spin speed
  • Up to 23 hours start delay
  • Half load option
  • A+ Energy efficiency class




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