GoldmasterHunkar Electric Coffee Pot Gray GM-7315

39 $


A cup of Turkish coffee cooked with Goldmaster H?nkar electric coffee pot on heavy fire, foamed in place, will not get enough of the taste. Turkish coffee machine, specially prepared for Turkish coffee, which differs from other coffees with its cooking and serving, allows you to have a more frothy and more delicious coffee experience by ensuring that your coffee is heated simultaneously and in equal amounts. A cup of Turkish coffee to accompany a pleasant break in the middle of the day or a calm moment that will take all your fatigue in the evening will give you the best moments of the day. Goldmaster electric coffee pot helps you prepare your coffee for presentation without burning your hand with its heat resistant ergonomic handle. Thanks to the safe safety system of the electric coffee pot made of stainless steel, it stops working when the coffee pot is dehydrated or overheated. Its large internal volume gives you the opportunity to cook enough coffee. The electric coffee pot, which provides comfortable use with its ergonomic handle and 360 ? rotatable energy transmission base, makes life easier with its wireless use.

  • Electric Coffee Pot
  • Turkish Coffee Maker
  • Wireless
  • 850W
  • 320ml
  • Gray