Goldmaster Procyclone VC 2200W Black PC?3215B

177 $

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Technical specifications

  • Best energy class on hard ground: Class A
  • Bagless Technology
  • 410 W Suction Power
  • Superior carpet cleaning with Carpet Clean Turbo Brush technology.
  • 4 Lt.?world’s largest with dust container
  • 99.9% Dust Retention Performance with DoubleHEPAFilter Technology.
  • 900W low energy consumption;?efficient engine providing superior traction
  • Adjusting the traction performance according to the ground with the adjustable speed level.
  • Extra resistant hose against breakage and bends
  • Automatic cable winding feature
  • Easy to clean hard-to-reach places with brushed, narrow tip sweeping head
  • Special cleaning head for hard floors

Detailed Features

* Hygienic double HEPA filter filters 99.9% of fine dust and thus the air given outside becomes very clean.

* Indicates the filling ratio, can be easily cleaned and provides bagless use.

* After cleaning, the dust container is easily emptied and cleaned.

* Thanks to its brush rotating at high speed, it cleans difficult dirt and provides perfect hygiene in carpets.

* Easily cleans surfaces such as tiles and parquet with its extra dust collecting nozzle.

* Enjoy high performance with low power with new generation eco motors.