Goldmaster Mycoffe Filter Coffee Machine MC-100

45 $


Goldmaster MC-100 Mycoffe Filter Coffee Machine Goldmaster MC-100 Mycoffe Filter Coffee Machine, where you can prepare delicious coffees with its stylish design and functional features, attract coffee lovers. The bronze color details on the black base color easily adapt to the kitchen decoration of the users and display a stylish look. Elegant Appearance and Practicality Goldmaster MC-100 Mycoffe Filter Coffee Machines help you make delicious coffees in a practical way as well as elegant appearance. 1 ceramic cup located next to the coffee machine perfectly matches the machine with its black color. The washable filter of the machine offers the possibility of cleaning by removing it practically after the coffee making process is finished. In addition, the fact that the machine does not require a filter container and filter replacement also supports the ease of use. The Goldmaster MC-100 Mycoffe Filter Coffee Machines’ illuminated on and off button helps to eliminate the possibility of your machine staying on by gathering attention. Thus, it supports its users in terms of both energy and security. With its 20 cm length and 14 cm width, it easily adapts to the environment without taking up much space. Thanks to the stainless steel front surface, it is possible to wipe the machine easily. Goldmaster MC-100 Mycoffe helps the coffee to be cooked perfectly with its 300 ml heater capacity. Goldmaster MC-100 Mycoffe Features Power: 450 W Color: black Kettle Capacity: 300 ml Cup Capacity: 2 Water Level Indicator: No Illuminated on / off button: Yes With its 40 years of experience, Goldmaster offers its consumers useful, understandable and modern products without sacrificing quality. With more than 700 service points in Turkey aims to be always close to the consumer. It is always working for a better service and quality. Goldmaster, Turkey and overseas market awareness is high and confiding always be a brand with pride rather than tenure track continues to work in order to provide better service.

Feature: 450W 300 ml capacity 1 ceramic cup Stainless steel front surface Washable filter Illuminated on / off button It does not require filter container and filter replacement. Length: 20cm Width: 14cm