GoldMaster Kuzey Hair Dryer 2200W GM?7169

30 $

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The goldmaster hairdryer, which gives your hair the volume and shape you want, allows you to get the hair that looks like it has just come out of the hairdresser in the comfort of home. If you think that the first stage of all hairstyles, whether bun, ponytail or braid starts with a blow dryer, you should have a good blow dryer with priority for a smooth, smooth hair. The goldmaster hairdryer, which has 2200 W power to meet all your needs, helps you dry your hair quickly with its high performance and you can achieve the desired result easily. It helps your hair more smooth through its ion feature, which prevents static electricity on your hair. With 2 different temperature settings, the blow dryer allows you to find the most suitable temperature for your hair, and it also adapts to all hair types with its two airflow settings. With its styling performance and comfortable design, the goldmaster hairdryer, which offers high durability and can be used for many years, is also used to complete and fit the posture of the hair after styling. The diffuser head, which provides bulky, wavy or curly hair, provides the hair to be shaped easily with its asymmetric design. Protected by an anti-overheating fuse system, the hairdryer offers high comfort while drying your hair with its lightweight design and ergonomic handle.