DeLonghi Eco MultiClean For Coffee Machine 250 m XDEM – 5513281861

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Product Description

  • Simple and effective cleaning solution to help remove milk deposits on traditional milk frothing and automatic milk frothing system components
  • If your milk jug is spluttering, or if someone has forgotten to press the clean button immediately after use
  • You can quickly clean and sanitise the jug by adding 10ml of milk cleaner to the jug, and 90ml of water, and delivering the solution into a cup or jug by pressing the milk delivery button
  • Your milk jug will be restored to optimal use once again
  • Add a little of the solution to a cloth to remove milk deposits on the machine, leaving a bright, clean shine



  • Product Code: XDEM-5513281861
  • Brand: Delonghi
  • Capacity: 250 m