Braun Oral-B Power Professional Care OC 20 535 OxyJet Center


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Product Features

The Oral-B ProfessionalCare OC 20 535 3XOxyJet Center combines the Oral-B ProfessionalCare 7850 DLX power toothbrush and an oral irrigator with innovative micro-bubble technology. The OxyJet irrigator mixes air and water, then pressurizes it to form millions of micro-bubbles designed to attack plaque bacteria.

Shown to improve gingival health when used together with tooth brushing in an eight-week clinical study was shown to prevent the development of gingivitis significantly better than a conventional irrigator. Helps you brush for two minutes

  • Family set for complete oral hygiene
  • Combination Electric Toothbrush Professional Care 3000 Oral Care Professional showers OxyJet (MD 20) in one unit
  • 3D Excel – 40,000 pulsation and 8,800 oscillating movements per minute
  • Three modes of cleaning for a complete dental care: standard cleaning sensitive cleaning, polishing and whitening
  • Mechanical pressure sensor optimizes pressure cleaning and protects teeth and gums