Tefal Easy Dry 20 – PTFE FS4020E0

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Easy and Efficient Ironing

A non-stick premium soleplate built for easy gliding for easy and efficient ironing.

Take a close look at Easy Dry, a dry iron that will simply deliver great results.
Thanks to its non-stick premium soleplate, glides smoothly on all types of fabric. It’s ironing made easy!

  • High precision: comes with a precision tip that allows you to reach difficult areas.
  • Convenient: light, stable and easy to handle.
  • Comfortable: Easycord system keeps the cord away from the board, to avoid extra creasing.
  • Practical and safe: an indicator light tells you when the iron is on.
  • Easy storage: wind the cord around the iron for easy storage.
  • 1,200W: for quick and efficient ironing.
$ 25.00
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