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Crystal clear glass without streaks and smudges – that’s how windows supposed to look like after cleaning it. Like a professional window wiper the Powerslide 28 enables to squeegee the window in wavy lines. When you look at professionals you can see they use just a few wipes for cleaning windows. Leifheit Powerslide 28 also uses this system. The movable joint makes each swipe easy and if required you can easily and quickly find the handle. This Powerslide uses also the professional high quality double lips. With the 28 cm wiping width the Powerslide 28 is perfect for windows or balcony doors. Or for high windows, for example in the winter garden. The Leifheit click systems can be (depending on the design) pulled out on a length to 280 centimeters.

• Cleaning in wavy lines like professionals do it.
• Movable joint with locking mechanism on the handle
• XL-Wiping width 40 cm