LEIFHEIT 51320 Hand window wiper PLUS 3

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All good things come in threes – this proves impressively the hand window cleaner 3 in 1 from Leifheit. It is the unique all-round talent of its kind and causes a clear saving of labour. With only one device three working steps can be done at the same time: window cleaning, cleaning of corners and frames, squeegee. This enables the unique all-round microfibre cover, which cleans the side window frames at the same time. This saves time and trouble. After the cleaning, the integrated squeegee lip causes streak-free gleam. For flexibility and maximum operation comfort, the hand window cleaner has a rotating joint. It is excellently suitable for efficient cleaning and squeegees in wavy lines – the technique of the professionals. Wiping width is 33 cm. The handle enables the use of the Leifheit Click-System to handle with telescopic

  • Unique all-round microfibre cover enables sides of window frames to be washed whilst washing windows
  • With rubber blade for streak-free removal of residual water from window panes
  • Movable wiper joint for cleaning in wavy lines
  • Wiper joint can be set to three different positions for the preferred cleaning angle
  • The click joint makes it compatible with all Leifheit Click-System handles for cleaning high areas
  • Wiping width 28 cm