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If household chores have to be done easier, more convenient and quicker, then LEIFHEIT has been one step ahead for the past 50 years. They prove it every day: LEIFHEIT is always a better idea… And they’ll also be a better idea in the future because they take intense measures to incorporate the most current trends and their customer’s demands and needs. Product benefits, technologies, ergonomics and quality form a harmonious unit among their product range and they always focus on it. This is never better illustrated than with the range of Fresh and Easy Containers. From being able to see so quickly what each holds, and whether its contents are running low, to their tidy stack ability – these containers are a boon for any kitchen. Their most important aspect though is the air and water tight seal – ensuring that the contents are always fresh. Capacity 800 ml.

• Ideal for food
• Perfect sealing technique
• Simple to open and close with just one hand
• Air-tight sealing
• Stackable

Colour: Transparent/ White
Capacity: 0,8 Liter
Size: 152 mm (Height), 99 mm (Length), 99 mm (Width)
Material: Plastic