LEIFHEIT 03004 Corkscrew Vino Royal

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Elegant look and superior quality are the hallmarks of the Vino Royal. He makes the difference to other cork-screws. Decisive is the spiral. It has to be screwed in easily into the cork, without damaging it. The spiral of the Vino Royal from Leifheit has a Teflon coating and an especially polished tip, which glides smoothly into the cork. To ensure, that the coil screws into the middle of the cork and that the cork does not break apart, the corkscrew has to movable arms that fit every bottleneck size. The cork can be unscrewed without any effort – by turning the folding rotary knob with only one finger.

  • Teflon coated spiral and especially polished tip for lithely screwing in
  • easy unscrewing without effort with only one finger
  • flexible arms for every bottleneck size
  • fine look
$ 14.00
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