Kärcher SE4001 1.081-130.0 Wet/dry vacuum cleaner 1400 W 10 l

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Despite daily care the carpets with the time often always sirface. It does not forms unsightly running roads, with a vacuum cleaner no longer can be removed. Those who save the expensive cleaning by a specialist, best Kärcher washing suckers. So-called 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner or Spray-extraction devices such as the kärcher SE 4001 allow a pore-deep carpet cleaning. In addition, they are also perfect for cleaning of hard floors, such as stone, tiles and linoleum. As compared to conventional cleaning, the karcher SE4001 a very important advantage: it is only use clean water from the fresh water tank. The waste water is collected separately. In contrast to the cleaning with sponge and a bucket, the contaminated water is not in contact with the clean water. In this way, the dirt not only distributed but effectively eliminated. The SE4001 guarantees an optimum depth cleaning and comfortable handling. Because of its accessories scope, the device can also be used as a full-fledged wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

Highlights & Details

  • For carpet, hardwood floors, Car
  • Optimum Deep Cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • As a wet/dry vacuum cleaner


  • Shock-proof round protection
  • Comfortable 3-in-1 carrying handle
  • Accessories storage on the device
  • Storage compartment for small parts.