Braun WK300 Upright Kettle, 1.7L – White


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Braun water kettles combine a unique Braun design with a rapid boiling system for ultimate performance The MultiQuick water kettle can be filled directly from the tap through its large spout and for the safety The kettle switches off automatically when the kettle is empty, water is boiled, the lid is opened or the water kettle is removed from its base.

• Easy handling and cleaning.
• Washable limestone scale filter.
• Four-way automatic safety switches off.
• Water level indicator.
• Rapid boil system up to 35 seconds.
• Special safety features ensure that the kettle switches off automatically when the water boils.

• Power Supply: 2280W.
• Brand: Braun.
• Capacity: 1.7 liters.
• Color: White.
• Model number: WK300.