Braun Satin Hair 7 ST710 Hair Straightener With IONTEC

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Braun Satin Hair 7 ST710 Hair straightener with IONTEC technology is specifically designed to restore the shine and health of your hair when styling. Braun has discovered that straightening with temperatures over 200°C is irreversibly damaging the structure of the hair. The IONTEC straightener operates with accurate temperature control up to 200°C and superior ionic technology to tame frizz and fight static in a healthy way.

  • Activate your style – ultimate shine, maximum protection.
  • IONTEC technology: effective ionic performance to tame frizz for healthy smoothness and shine
  • Moisture level balance: active ions restore the moisture balance of your hair
  • 100% ceramic plates floating plates distribute the pressure evenly to prevent hair damage
  • Anti-hair breakage: Accurate Heat Control operates with temperatures that are proven to protect the health of your hair (130°C to 200°C) in 5°C temperature stages
  • Slim plates specially designed for precise straightening from root to tip in one stroke
  • NanoGlide ceramic plates: extra smooth surface structure glides 3x smoother vs. conventional ceramic plates to maintain the health of the cuticula
  • Activate your style – ultimate shine, maximum protection.