Braun Toaster with home baking attachment White, Black HT450

$ 51.00

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With a brown toaster crispy crunchy in the day.

What has four corners and a must-have on every breakfast table missing? Crispy Roasted toasts or even bread rolls, bagels & Co.!
A brown toaster is indispensable on every breakfast table. In addition to its timeless design, it also convinces through easy-to-use, versatile features and impressive results: from the crispy Toast to the delicious bagel.

And he can do even more. For example, toast and slices of bread thawing or just warm up. Everything fits in the extra-wide slot. Thanks to the home baking attachment can of croissants, bread rolls and other large pasta simply be heated.

Highlights & Details

  • Heat-insulated housing (cool touch)
  • Warm-up function
  • 1,000 Watts Connection value


  • Removable bread roll attachment
  • Automatic bread centering
  • Stop button
  • Auftaufunktion
  • Warm-up function
  • Anti-blocking safety cut-off
  • Function to lift the bread
  • Cool Touch housing
  • Cable retention
  • Removable Krümmel drawer